• "It's amazing when strangers become friends but it's so sad, when friends become strangers."
  • Source Unknown.
wow tumblr x.XWell, spread the message… Don’t let it get to you.

wow tumblr x.X
Well, spread the message… Don’t let it get to you.

Nights are the most painful thing to deal with, I can’t sleep because so many thoughts go through my head and make me feel like I’m going crazy.
It’s painful to deal with it.
Every day is just another routine, another day i have to live and deal with, even though i may not find a meaning for my existence i still must go on every day, trying to find an answer, for what is life, and what is the purpose of our existence.
It feels stupid just reading this, but every day there’s a inside struggle between my outer form and my inner.
It just feels like an obligation, to live…. There’s good moments, but they seem to be hidden behind all the bad stuff that happens every day.
I wish i could find a secret for self happiness, a cure for the dark thoughts… Maybe one day.